The Gielgud Award

Clive Francis Gielgud Award

The Gielgud Award was created by the Shakespeare Guild of Washington under the dedicated leadership of John Andrews. The idea behind the award is to preserve the heritage of Sir John Gielgud and pay tribute to the actors, directors, producers, and writers who are doing the most to perpetuate his legacy and that of the poet whose work he did so much to convey to succeeding generations of Shakespeare enthusiasts. Recent recipients have included David Hare, Patrick Stewart, F Murray Abrahams, Ian Mckellen, Eileen Atkins and Vanessa Redgrave.

The award is presented at the annual UK Theatre Awards which Clive Francis has been helping to organise since donating limited editions of his portrait of John Gielgud as the official honour. The print is signed by both Clive and Sir John Gielgud.

Rupert Goold
The Gielgud Award
Ian McKellen, Richard Eyre 2018
Ian McKellen presents The Gielgud Awards to director Richard Eyre at the UK Theatre Awards on Sunday 14 October 2018.
Gielgud Award
Rupert Goold presents The Gielgud Award 2016 to Vanessa Redgrave
Jamie Fox , David Hare
Jamie Fox presents the Gielgud Award to David Hare at the UK Theatre Awards 2017
Eileen Atkins
Eileen Atkins
F. Murray Abrahams
John Andrews, President of the Guild with F. Murray Abraham
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart receives the Gielgud Award